I’m interested in making active work, work that grabs the viewer. My work is often deeply superficial and not as funny as I think it is. One interest is the exploration of space and how the physical relates to the digital. A result of this has been an interest in performance and dance as mediums, partly due to their immediacy and often twinned with tech.

I have fallen into Chroma Green, like Jimmy Stewart for Kim Novak’s blonde spiral bun. Green screen technology allows me to show characters interacting with environments in a post-internet way. The slickness of the digital era has confused my 1992 sensibility, so I think this is why I employ a DIY lo-fi aesthetic in all of my work, because of its sloppy immediacy. In moving image works I produce multi-layered appropriations, sourcing popular culture to art history, to form a video platform that explores contemporary society living with the Internet.